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Aug 01

Overview of orthognathic surgery

Abstract: People today usually recognize irregular teeth or obvious jaw deformities and seek treatment from an orthodontist, who can improve tooth alignment, function & facial aesthetics. Correction of more severe deformities requires a combination of orthodontics & surgery. Poorly aligned jaws can result in a variety of problems including aesthetic, chewing, breathing & speech problems. Orhtognathic surgery is an operation to reposition the jaws. The surgery aims to correct imbalance between the upper and lower jaws which will enable the teeth to bite together correctly. This surgery also has the benefit of balancing & enhancing the facial appearance.

The goal of orthognathic surgery is to obtain a functional occlusion along with correction of underlying skeletal disharmony & giving a maximum aesthetic result without compromising occlusal or skeletal stability

Conclusion: Orthognathic surgery is not a subject of fear today. Good planning, Communication & free flow of information between the surgeon, orthodontist, and patient facilitate efficient and successful treatment and ensure patient confidence

Dr. Abdullah Al Masud

Dr Abdullah Al Masud completed his BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) in 2001 from Dhaka Dental College. In 2010 he completed FCPS in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery from BCPS (Bangladesh College Of Physicians & Surgeons). He is trained in Orthognathic Surgery under Professor J.P.Reyneke from South Africa who is the author of the book “Essentials of Orthognathic Surgery”. He also took training in Dental Implantology from Dr.Wynand Van der Linden. American consultant Dr. David C Labber gave him special training in microtia surgery/ replacement of total external ear.

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