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Bilateral cleft lip

Date of Operation:

Name of Doctors/Sergeon:

Asst Prof Dr Abdullah Al Masud

Case Study:

This is a patient of bilateral cleft lip and alveolus. His premaxilla was projected which is a common problem when it left untreated.Bilateral cleft lip can be managed by many different technique. This case was managed by Millard forked flap technique. Pleasant esthetic result make him confident.

Progress Step by Step:

 Bilateral cleft lip and alveolus.

 Wide gap in the cleft area and proclined premaxilla.

 Proclined premaxilla which make the operation difficult.Sometimes premaxilla needs set back.

 Pleasant esthetic result make him confident.


Timing of operation is very important.Lip can be operated 3-6 months after birth and many cleft projects are running now in our country, for example Smile Traine, Operation Cleft etc.In our Dhaka Dental College we have 100 bed for Oral & Maxillofacial surgery so we can serve the people who have cleft lip and palate.

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