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Isolated cleft palate

Date of Operation:


Name of Doctors/Sergeon:

Dr Abdullah Al Masud

Case Study:

This patient comes to me when she was 7 years of age.She had cleft palate which is a developmental anomaly where there is a gap in the palatal portion of the upper jaw. So patient have problems in speech, mastication. This type of patients also suffer from middle ear infection, upper respiratory tract infection.Facial and mental growth is also retarded. The first and most common problem in the childhood is that, this type of patient cannot perform breast feeding due to nasal regurgitation of milk.So parents must be aware either their kid is taking food easily or not. Early diagnosis and proper treatment in proper time can solve all the problems.

Progress Step by Step:

 Cleft palate, which is a congenital anomaly of oral cavity.

 A 7 years girl having cleft palate.

 Cleft palate, which is a congenital anomaly of oral cavity.

 Before starting treatment a dingman retractor is positioned.

 One week after operation, just immediate after stitch off.

 This picture shows good healing


Awareness and earlier diagnosis is necessary.Best time of treatment at the age of 9months to 0ne year or before development of speech. After treatment speech therapy is necessary.

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