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Mandibular A/P deficiency/access operation

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Asst Prof Dr Abdullah Al Masud

Case Study:

This patient came to my clinic with the complaints of abnormal growth of his lower jaw moreover he could not bite properly.So it was very difficult for him to take food properly.I had made a plan for orthognathic surgery where his lower jaw was set back by bilateral sajital split ramus osteotomy and upper jaw advancced by Lefort-I osteotomy.Facial profile is improved and with his proper occlusion he can now do normal function.Significant improvement of his facial profile we can see in post operative picture.

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Orthodontic treatment only can change the bite but it is difficult to give such a harmonious aesthetic result only by orthodontic treatment. Correct treatment planning and skilled orthognathic surgeon can achieve the goal.So please treat the patient by proper treatment.

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