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Proclination of upper jaw

Date of Operation:


Name of Doctors/Sergeon:

Dr Abdullah Al Masud

Case Study:

This patient came to me with the problem of severe proclined teeth in her anterior segment of upper jaw. She was not satisfied with her appearance. She cannot smile due to lacking of her confidence.But now she regain her confidence by orthognathic surgery. New facial harmony makes her confidence and she is now very happy with her appearance.

Progress Step by Step:

 Proclination of upper teeth with short and incompetent upper lip in frontal view

 Proclination is corrected as well as a competent lip is reformed by orthognathic surgery and massive improvement in facial aesthetics

 Three quarter view of the face

 Showing massive improvement in facial aesthetics

 Lateral profile view showing short upper lip, proclination of upper anterior segment, curled lower lip

 This profile view showing improved facial profile


Orthognathic surgery for facial harmony. So let us try.

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